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Mauritius - Raise High The Red, Black, and Green (and/or Gold)

About Mauritius

Previous Entry Mauritius Jun. 4th, 2006 @ 11:35 pm Next Entry
You forgot to put one country in your list of African diaspora
countries!{Well three Mauritius, Seychelles, Réunion(French dependency)}
Geographically it is in Africa but culturally and racially it's fairly far away from it.
My people represent a mix of the slave descendants, europeans and various other nationalities(The Creoles) have a few African cultural attributes. Our music and dance(Sega)represents a mix of Afro-Malagasy with a few European attributes as well.
Like other groups from the African diaspora we have been redefined by slavery and European colonisation. I, myself, have seen mauritians of mainly african descent living in poverty
and it is not a nice sight! I do not totally wish for reparations but only those who are suffering through the poverty to which they have been kept due to their status or their ancestors slavery. Anyways, back to talking about culture, I have the belief that many of my people still shun their African heritage and there's not much culturally that we can look to for pride and knowledge of the ancestors culture and stigmatisation of Africans by many of our group in the past and even today has not helped. I was wondering whether any of you afro-latinos, carribeans etc. felt the same about your own culture like you don't see the African part enough and it's hiding inside and needs to find an outlet. I'm not talking about religion i.e. Rastafarianism; but just the cultural aspects.
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