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Fight The Power!! Join debunkingzra - Raise High The Red, Black, and Green (and/or Gold)

About Fight The Power!! Join debunkingzra

Previous Entry Fight The Power!! Join debunkingzra Jan. 11th, 2006 @ 12:28 pm Next Entry
Are you tired of dumbass liberals/libertarians who are more obsessed with legalizing
marijuana and the size of black penises than actually LISTENING to people of color and
considering their experiences?

Is your patience for back-patting white progressives and their inability to face their own
privilege in any quantifiable fashion about run out?

Have you been quoted as being "a poor liberal" or "a racist" because you react negatively to the nearly universal racial ignorance of white people?

Are you bitter and angry from your busted-ass beard and whiney attitude preventing you from getting any since 10th grade?

Are you frustrated that people of color want nothing to do with you, and that you have
failed in your quest to physically fulfill your fetishization of the "other" (black men and

Wait. Not the last two.

Anyway, if you are, than I invite you to join. This community is for people who
are tired of babied white boys coming into their safe spaces and talking about Krunk Rap,
Chris Rock, or Kolbe Bryant. Even more so if you have been a victim of the repeated sobbing and violin-playing of zra, and any of his disguised Klansman that follow him around. We at debunkingzra offer our support to anyone who has had to repeat themselves for the 10th time, only to have the same ::headdesk:: response.

I encourage anyone from blackfolks, sex_and_race, debunkingwhite, or even just popularly trolled personal journals to join up and give us some love.

Remember: When the revolution starts, we need to have a hit list. Make sure
yours has zra placed right after Bill O'Riley, but before Vanilla Ice.

Peace. Love. Respect.
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