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Question - Raise High The Red, Black, and Green (and/or Gold)

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I maybe just imagining things but from looking at the african studies community I just get the feeling a large chunk of the people there continue to suffer from the closed mindset of viewing Africa and the peoples of Africa as mere subjects worth investigating and not as people. Anyone else think this? I noticed a lot of anthropology students and, well, anthropology has been biased towards non-Western people, especially Africa...from labeling them as people with "pre-logic mentality" to flat out calling them primitives (and some STILL....relying on the old, biased categories of "race" such as "Negroid" and sticking by the teachings of how certain personalities automatically go with certain "races"....wow). And it's not just this but also religious students who have a mission to "save" Africans from their "heathen" lifestyle, to me, as someone who is NOT Christian....I think it's pretty insulting to travel to one's land for the sole purpose to convert them to the religion the one converting sees is best (and to all the Christians, I do not mean to offend you but it's something that needs to be discussed). I mean, there are groups of people in Africa who are anti-Christianity to the point of sending missionaries back to their homeland due to the imperialistic and oppressive force that has been used (and is still used) to spread the word of the Christian God (and no, I'm not saying missionaries should be banned altogether).

Just my opinion.
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Date:August 15th, 2004 07:59 pm (UTC)

I concur

As far as Caucasians are concerned, they also have a need to convert their own selves and each other, lol. Remember how there are Christian missionaries in India/Pakistan, as well as how there are advocators of Muslim jihad in Europe. Strange.....

Well anyway, the thing is, people still see Africans as having no legitimate (or worth-studying) history of their own prior to the violent incursions of Islam or the oppressive advancing of Christianity. I say this: forget written records, and look to the griots of West Africa. Even though they recite a great deal of legend whenever they recite history, theyre still reciting history. All that scholars have to do is take the words of every griot and relate them to history to find where legend and fact combine. THAT'S WHERE OUR HISTORY LIES.

However, as they have the resources lying before them, I think that theyre INTENTIONALLY abstaining from a REAL research into Africa's history. Why? Because 1) they might think that its not worth their time and 2) They damn well know that, if someone actually tackled this hurdle, this would bring about the undoing of everything that theyve known or have been taught.

By the way, Ive started this community for goths of African ancestry and people who practice the traditional African way of life and religion in developed nations (like the US): african_gothic Please check it out.
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Date:August 18th, 2004 07:33 am (UTC)
thank you for posting the discussion of Christianity in Africa. I think it's important, even though I, too, am NOT a Christian and would, philosophically speaking, would agree with those groups who are sending missionaries back to where they came from. I don't dispute the significance of Africa or Africa's contributions to the world, (those given freely and those we were/are forced to give). However, living in the Midwest, as I do, I think there is a fundamental problem with Africans here (or to put a spin on it "people of African descent"), embracing Christianity. I think tackling that issue here would have positive reverberations throughout the world.
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Date:August 28th, 2004 06:36 pm (UTC)


if this were a hate group, we would say so, rest assured of that.

rather, this is a cultural community for descendants of the african diaspora, very much like the communities for jews, indonesians, japanese, australians, and whatnot.

and plus, what would the NOI have to do with hate groups? Or in that case, knowing how hypocritical and power-hungry Farrakhan is, what would this group have with the NOI (except for the fact that its an African-American organization)?

Not that Im addressing that to you or anything. Im just confused and whatever.
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Date:August 29th, 2004 06:18 pm (UTC)

Re: nope.

no, this is simply a cultural community for descendants of the Transatlantic Slave Trade, not a "kill-whitey" militia sort of organization. but by comparing me to a KKK member who calls his organization a "white-pride organization", i dont think that would be an even close-enough comparison as far as southern whites are concerned.

i may regret saying this, but i would see myself compared better with a Confederate-southern-pride person who operates a comunity dedicated to descendants of the secessionist Confederate government and military of the 1860's.

do i agree with the celebration and dialogue of and between descendants of that often-celebrated era (at least, that's the case in my part of the united states, which kinda sucks)? yes, because i feel that every person who's ancestors were in some sort of collective bond with each other SHOULD celebrate that aspect.

but do i agree with the KKK's values? No, not in any wise; and as much as Ive been angered by what has happened in history concerning Afro-Diasporians in the United States, I hope that we Afro-Diasporians never stoop to their level in retribution, or in that case, we are never FORCED to.
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